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Design your own robot

as you wish

Build your robotic arm with modular joints

Liberate your automation experience!

Wave goodbye to one-size-fits-all robots. Craft your own bespoke automation solutions effortlessly in just minutes and a few clicks. Unleash the power of tailored automation, precisely designed for your unique needs.



Advantages You Will Love

Design Freedom

Modular design products are easier to customize according to individual customer needs or preferences.

Continuity and Service

Continuity of production is easily ensured with easy parts supply in maintenance and services. 

Incremental Upgrades

A modular system design or product can be easily upgraded. In non-modular products, it is harder to achieve incremental upgrades.

Adaptive Pricing

Users only buy joints according to their needs. In this way, they get rid of unnecessary costs.

Ease of Integration

Users can easily integrate the systems they have created into their existing robots with the easy modeling of the systems and the fast integration capability.


A modular design architecture, by definition, uses reusable components that can be used in many similar products; this reduces wastage and adds to the overall sustainability of the product.

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